UPF Frigate Deckplans
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The upper mid-decks include the vehicle bays and the crew quarters/gunnery deck


Deck 5 Key
Four enclosed vehicle bays are positioned here, along with respective airlocks and spacesuit lockers. Each bay has bay doors positioned overhead. Additional spacesuit lockers are located inside surrounding the elevator shaft. The bays are typically kept in a state of vaccuum.

Deck 6 Key
Each of the four outer sections contains a pair of single occupancy cabins and a pair of double occupancy bunk/barracks. Offensive and defensive stations are at the end of each section the dorsal and ventral sides have a rocket battery and laser battery station respectively, and the port and starboard sides each have an interceptor missile launcher and maintenance hatches to access them. The central portion of this deck contains the common freshers and shower facilities along with the crew galley and lounge.

The lower mid-decks include the administration area and cargo hold.

Deck 7 Key
A six cell (frozen/live storage) brig and guard center is located in the dorsal section here, to port is the security/surveillance center and armory (along with a security robot closet), the ventral side contains the captian and XO offices along with a meeting room, and the starboard side has teh medical lab with a three bed surgical center, recovery room, and office. The central area contains a small galley and lounge area along with a fresher and laundry room. The two dorsal single cabins are typically occupied by a medical officer and chief of security.

Deck 8 Key
This is the 1U cargo hold with dorsal and ventral loading bay doors.